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Every day, researchers are looking for people to share their opinion. That’s where Telmy comes in, we help researchers find the right people for their project.

Everyone loves sharing their opinion.
So why not get paid for it?

Telmy is a great way for people to contribute their thoughts and opinions by participating in market research because…

Everyday, researchers are looking for people to share their opinion - and they are happy to pay for it.

You become part of a community of people we turn to regularly to have a say, share their opinion and contribute to new products and services.

Telmy is exclusively built for market research. It’s all about your opinions - we will never try to sell you anything.

You control how you want to get involved. No spam! We promise.

Telmy is all about community, because we think sharing and giving back is important. That’s why we give 10% of all our profits to charity.

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