Telmy brings a fresh approach to connecting leading researchers with the opinions of people who genuinely want to share

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Connecting with the opinions of every day Australians

Imagine a group of engaged, energised and everyday people. People who rarely engage in research, who are there to share their genuine opinion. The Telmy Approach helps find Australians who are new to the world of research, ensuring your conversations are a true reflection of everyday opinions.


Lifting the veil

Telmy takes away the obscurity that sits around recruitment today, allowing researchers to be kept up to date with progress, and to know more about the people they are about to engage with.


Make it easy

Researchers should be focusing on insight and empathy, not recruitment. Telmy simplifies the process and have built in extensive quality controls to ensure what you are looking for is what you see.


And it should be cheaper

It’s that simple. Recruitment should not be the expense on researchers that it is today.

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Because at the heart of great quality qualitative research are great human conversations.