Got questions? Here are some things that we are frequently asked…

What is Telmy?

Researchers constantly need people to help them answer their client’s questions. and people like sharing their opinion while getting cash money.
Telmy connects the two.

Why does Telmy exist?

We exist because market research can get a lot better for the respondent, the researcher and the client. The more appropriate and representative people we can find for research, the better the outcome for everyone.

How often will I hear from Telmy?

Unfortunately, none of us can make a living participating in research as we need to make sure we keep all our members fresh with new things to say. Because of this it’s likely we’ll contact you every few months but this will of course depend on the projects and our need for people like you.

Will you try and sell me things?

These days you have to be careful about what you sign up for. Telmy is an accredited market research business bound by strict privacy guidelines. We’re just here for the research and will never try to sell you things.

Member Settings

Where will my personal information be kept?

In our business privacy is the most important thing, and we take it seriously. We store any personal information on our secure Australian based servers and it is never shared with anyone outside of Telmy. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. View our full privacy policy.

Why do you need to collect my personal information?

We collect your personal contact information so that we can invite and confirm your attendance at sessions. Other information like your gender, age and other demographic information is used to ensure we send you invitations to research projects that are most suitable to you.

Who will see my personal information?

Any information that can identify you is not shared with anyone outside of Telmy and the researcher. Apart from your first name and some broad demographic information, you are anonymous to the researcher’s client or any other parties. Check out our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.

How do I change my details?

Go to the My Profile section in your member portal. Here you can update your details, alter your contact settings and update your password.

I’ve forgotten my password what do I do?

It’s easy. When signing in, you just click on Forgot Password and follow the prompts. If you’re in your portal, you can manage your password from


Why participate in market research?

Firstly it’s a good way to make some fast cash. But secondly it’s a great opportunity to have interesting discussions with likeminded people and to have your opinion be taken into account by some of Australia’s biggest public and private organisations

How do I get invited to a session?

Just fill in an eligibility survey. Then, based on your answers and your availability to attend a session, you’ll be invited.

What happens if my answers to the eligibility survey aren’t right?

Because we are always after people from all walks of life in all life-stages, there are no wrong answers

How do I get chosen to take part?

Each project has different criteria, so this means for every project you need to complete a short eligibility survey to see if you fit the criteria for project.

I’ve filled in an eligiblity survey – how do I know if I’ve been chosen?

Sometimes it can take up to 24-48 hours before you are confirmed for a project – to ensure that you are allocated to the session that is right for you. You’ll always be notified to let you know if you have been selected or not for a project.

How do I get paid for participating?

When you attend your research session the researcher will give you cash as a thank you unless other arrangements have been made.

What do I get paid for participating?

Before accepting a project you will be told what the incentive is. The incentive is usually around $100, but will change depending on the project and the amount of time involved for you.  At Telmy, we provide guidance to researchers on the incentive to make sure it is fair for those who get involved.

What if I don’t want to participate anymore? How do I remove my details?

You can manage your account in the ‘my profile’ section. You will have complete control over your settings and can delete your account at any time. Anything else you’d like to know? We’re just a phone call or email away so why not get in touch?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!