Telmy on a short pause…

Telmy is part of a new wave of ResTech (research technology) that is dramatically changing the way people think about research and market testing for the better.

Our focus is on continuing to bring new ideas and features to our users, making it easy for anyone who wants to hear an opinion to connect with those who want to share it. To do this, we’ve made the tough but important decision this week to focus on rolling out the new and improved Telmy platform in Australia and around the world.

We’ll soon be able to share these new ideas with our global community – but in the meantime, to ensure we focus on getting these great ideas in the hands of users as soon as possible, it does mean we need to pause our Telmy Australian Operations.

From today, Telmy won’t be taking on any new projects (although of course we’ll deliver any current projects in the pipeline). We envisage this pause to be a few months.

Soon, the new and improved Telmy will come to life – making it easier than ever to set up and manage projects, organise logistics and streamline the end to end process of recruitment.

We love the Telmy community of leading researchers and engaged participants. We’ll keep you all up-to-date on how things are progressing. If you aren’t already connected to our community, register your details to stay in the loop.

We’ll be back soon, bigger and better!