Giftpay a winner for participants

Why stuffing envelopes with cash is a thing of the past for qualitative research…

When conducting research, one of the common practical queries faced by researchers and recruiters is the payment of incentives.

Over time, virtual payment methods such as Giftpay E-Vouchers have become an increasing popular choice amongst researchers. This is even more true now with many sessions moving online.

However, while removing the administrative tasks and risks associated with cash payments is seen as a bonus, many are still  uncertain as to whether these virtual incentives will impact the ability to recruit willing participants.

Here at Telmy we’ve always supported researchers in their choice to use virtual incentives and have built in technology to ensure these payments happen in a timely way. We know participants love the instant nature of such payments, and we’ve worked hard to ensure this isn’t a barrier to receiving virtual payments.

It seems like we were onto something! With the move to more and more online versus face- to-face qualitative research, there is now a reliance on virtual payment methods to incentivise participants. So we thought we’d check in with our members to see what they think.

The vast majority of participants are happy with Giftpay as a payment option. When asked, 81% told us they prefer Giftpay to other methods. Participants are loving the variety of the available stores, how quickly the voucher was received and the long expiry date.

“It was great and had flexibility in choices of the stores.”
“Loved it! Found it easy to redeem and wasn’t a long wait to receive it.”
“Perfect option. I claimed it then gifted to a friend who lost her job.”

For those that did have issues with Giftpay, these were mostly linked to the limited options in regional areas, and finding it difficult to use or forgetting how to use it (or even that they had it!).

“The option was ok but a little limited in places to spend it.”
“I found it quite fiddly to use.”
“I wish we could order physical gift cards though as I know I won’t forget to use them!.”

In his comment on this research, Lucas Wan from Giftpay reminds us that Giftpay was in fact built for the research industry.

“GiftPay has always supported the Research industry and was initially developed as a research product. We’ve always taken guidance and advice from our research clients on how to make GiftPay better. The most important factor has always been how we treat respondent details. We take privacy seriously and never collect names, phone numbers or addresses of respondents. We never sell directly to respondents or ask them to load an app onto their personal devices.”

All in all though, these results give us confidence that Giftpay is widely accepted by respondents and whether research is being conducted face-to-face or online, researchers should feel comfortable in using this as an incentive option.