Telmy expands to New Zealand!

Leveraging its success in the Australian Market, Melbourne based start-up Telmy is bringing its tech-based platform for qualitative and UX respondent recruitment to New Zealand.

Telmy’s self-serve platform has transformed the qualitative and UX recruitment experience for researchers in Australia, offering access to respondents from a wide range of sources including panels, customer lists and importantly, social media channels – delivering fresh participants from the broader population.

Telmy was founded in 2018 by researchers Bianca Plunkett and Peter Treloar. With over 35 years of research experience between them they have been able to build a platform that truly transforms the researcher experience. Telmy’s streamlined process has reduced the time and cost to recruit respondents, while also introducing an innovative software solution that offers transparency during the recruitment process, allowing researchers to stay in control.

Through close working relationships, including direct links with online qualitative research platforms, Telmy has continued to deliver quality respondents and demonstrated its advantages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telmy has appointed industry expert Winifred Henderson to lead its New Zealand expansion. Winifred is a highly experienced and valued member of the New Zealand Research Industry, the combination of her experience in the industry and Telmy’s innovative platform will transform the respondent recruitment experience for New Zealand researchers as it has done here in Australia.

Telmy CEO and founder Bianca Plunkett said “We founded Telmy to bring a better way to connect researchers with everyday Australians who wanted to share their opinion. We’re delighted to now have New Zealand’s most accomplished qualitative recruiter joining our team to launch Telmy and enhance the experience for qualitative insights professionals and UX specialists in New Zealand.”

Winifred Henderson said “I am excited to join Telmy and to bring Telmy’s sophisticated platform to the New Zealand market. I promise to deliver my brand of exceptional customer service, linked with my uncompromising expectation of delivering quality participants. New Zealand qualitative

insights specialists are some of the best in the world and they are quick to embrace technology and solutions, which will further enhance their standing”.

Winifred is a Fellow of RANZ (Research Association of New Zealand) and serves on the APRC (Asia Pacific Research Committee) and GRBN (Global Research Business Network) Boards. She also served on the RANZ Board as Chair and was Convenor of Judges and Judge for the RAEWARDS from 2008 to 2018.