Telmy Launches Creativity Test

Qualitative research is often about hearing, exploring and understanding the thoughts and feelings of everyday people in a meaningful way.

But sometimes research teams and clients are actually looking for participants who can ADD to their ideas – people who can challenge concepts, bring new thinking and actually help to co-create concepts.

This is when getting the right people in the room to start with matters. Not everyone is creative, open-minded, strong at communicating. In fact, most people aren’t.

To assist with this, the Telmy team has formulated and tested a robust way to identify truly creative individuals for your research projects. We’re excited today to announce the launch of the new Telmy Creativity Test.

The Telmy Creativity Test is founded on two core principles. Firstly, that creativity is not about stereotypes. Secondly, it doesn’t matter how creative you are if you don’t have the ability to share your ideas.

Here’s what we know…

Creativity is not about stereotypes

When it comes to creativity, it does not matter what people do, their social life, where they live or how ‘creative’ they seem – what we are really interested in is creative thinking. Creative thinking is centred around someone’s core personality traits, not their attitudes and behaviours.

When evaluating someone’s creative thoughtfulness, we’ve uncovered and tested the key metrics that will determine someone’s ability to think creatively and laterally when presented with stimulus and problems.

A willingness to share also matters

There is no point having a great idea if you don’t share it with others. No matter how crazy it is. So, in addition to creative thinking, the second key element we measure in the Telmy Creativity Test is a willingness to contribute.

Importantly, creative thinking and confidence do not need to go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of creative thinkers who don’t like to share their thoughts in large co-creation sessions. So this matters when trying to work out the creative personalities you need for your project and impacts on the method you use.

The Telmy Creativity Test

Over time, we’ve built metrics to measure where individuals sit on these two dimensions. This has been developed through extensive academic reviews, client consultation and experiments.

Telmy Creative Illustration