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Understanding what Australians really think in the wake of Scott Morrison’s Press Conference

Here at Telmy we believe that everyone is entitled to share their opinion, so over the weekend we put a shout out to our members to ask them a few questions about participating in research in the midst of COVID-19 as well as what they’re most concerned about.

We heard from over 300 people. And what we found was both alarming and saddening.

Nearly 66% of people are concerned about their job security and 76% of people surveyed are concerned about household income and being able to pay for DAY TO DAY expenses. In the midst of the uncertainty and rapidly changing times, people are naturally focused on the basics and survival.

52% are concerned about getting access to services and 48% are worried about getting food and other household items. Maybe this explains a little of the panic buying that is leaving supermarket shelves bare across the country.

Going beyond the numbers, we asked everyone what they would ask the government if they could about COVID-19. The resounding themes were of confusion and frustration. Overwhelmingly, people feel that key information is not being shared in the right way, and that the government is not being straight up or explaining the implications to everyday Australians.

Here are some key quotes …

“When will you put funding into fighting this virus through science eg towards trials & vaccines to help all the Australian researchers who are working overtime to find a cure ?”

“Why are you dragging the chain on issues that require immediate attention such as closing schools or waiting until after a weekend to enforce protection measures for the community?”

“It is time to act and stop this panic buying – the weak and vulnerable are missing out on essentials. This has to be curbed. What are you going to do about it?”

“We as a nation are all going to be affected by this. What can you do to calm the nation down when a good portion of it is already in panic mode…?”

“Are we able to stop this, what is honestly happening? I feel the government thinks they are protecting us by not telling us.”

And importantly…

“If we do go into lockdown can we still walk our dogs?”

Across the research community, this is a great reminder of the important part research plays in ensuring businesses, governments and other organisations hear the voice of their people. These quotes are rich and help us understand the story of what’s going on across Australia tonight as we all grapple with the dramatic changes taking place.

Let’s work together to ensure everyone continues to have a voice.