Telmy Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research in the Midst of COVID-19

In the wake of the pandemic status being declared for COVID-19, it is becoming more and more clear the research industry will need to adjust!

We wanted to share with you some thoughts and ideas for how qualitative research can respond positively.

Respondent Care

  • It’s important to acknowledge there is genuine fear and concern in the community around the virus. We’re implementing some changes at Telmy, and here are some key points to consider…We’re starting to see some respondents reject the idea of in-home interviews or shop-alongs to busy shopping centres. Central location still seems to be ticking along ok, but now is a good time to think about the right method for your project.
  • Additional checks on respondents to ask around travel and how they are feeling on the day of their session.
    We also recommend getting in touch with your group room venues to ensure they’re offering things like individually packaged snacks and have proper hygiene practices in place.
    Recruitment Screeners
  • We’re suggesting that for all face to face research we check in with some key questions in a bid to exclude people from face to face studies who may have had exposure to the virus. We can share these questions with you if interested.

Some online options

We recruit a lot to online qualitative research – and this may be a great option for your next project! Recruitment to online methods can also be super fast, so allows for last minute changes.

Here are some great online platforms that we love.

Recollective includes a full suite of capabilities. From qual to quant tasks, asynchronous activities to live chat. It’s a popular choice amongst our qual research clients.

Indeemo is a mobile ethnography app and remote, digital ethnographic research platform that enables Researchers, Designers & Brands like these experience how their customers really behave, in context and in-the-moment.

Whereby is a super simple online video platform. We use it here at Telmy for all of our video chats, it requires no installation of software, just share the link to your ‘room’ with respondents and away you go.

In the meantime if you’ve got any questions or projects we can help with don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Telmy.